April 2024's Top High-Yield Online Savings Accounts

You can grow your money more quickly than with normal accounts with the finest high-yield savings accounts. The items highlighted on this page have 5% or higher annual percentage yields, or APYs. That is significantly higher than the 0.47% national average rate.

Now is a fantastic moment to open a high-yield savings account because of the recent hikes in Federal Reserve interest rates, which are driving up APYs.

You can save money for large purchases or increase your emergency reserve with the accounts listed below. For further details on the operation of these financial products, scroll to the bottom of the page.

A High-Yield Savings Account: What Is It?

One kind of federally insured savings product that yields rates significantly higher than the national average is the high-yield savings account. They may make about 5%. In contrast, the average rate across the country is 0.47%.

Why Pick an Account With a High Yield on Savings?

Your balance can increase more quickly in a high-yield savings account than it would in an average savings account over time. These accounts are also referred to as high-interest savings accounts. You are not putting any more effort into doing this. In an account with a higher rate, your money is working harder for you.

What Distinguishes a Standard Savings Account From a High-Yield Savings Account?

Compared to a standard savings account, a high-yield savings account yields a substantially greater return. High-yield savings accounts give much higher interest rates than ordinary savings accounts, which can have rates as low as 0.01% APY, especially when they are offered by big national banks. The finest high-yield accounts currently have rates that earn about 5% APY.

Money Market Accounts Versus High-Yield Savings Accounts

Money market accounts (MMAs) and high-yield savings accounts (HYPAs) are two different kinds of savings accounts; MMAs usually allow you to make a few purchases each month and come with debit cards and checks.

You can typically link both kinds of accounts to other deposit accounts, including checking accounts, to conduct electronic withdrawals and deposits. However, money market accounts provide the added advantage of debit cards or cheques, making it simpler to access your money. This could be useful if you require quick access to your money. However, some MMAs have large minimum initial deposits and monthly costs as well.

Certificates of Deposit Versus High-Yield Savings Accounts (CD)

Both certificates of deposit and high-yield savings accounts are federally guaranteed deposit accounts. But, because CDs lock in your money for a predetermined amount of time, they typically carry higher rates. Money that can be saved for the full CD term—which might be anywhere from a few months to five years or longer—is best suited for CDs.

Consider creating a CD if your short-term savings aim is to buy something in a few years. Though there can be a six-per-month cap on some withdrawal categories, money in high-yield savings accounts can typically be taken out whenever needed. A high-yield savings account is a better choice for an emergency fund than a certificate of deposit (CD).

What Is the Best Way to Select High-Yield Savings Accounts?

Look for accounts with cheap service fees and large interest rates. Make sure there are no monthly fees that need to be paid. While some institutions levy monthly fees, others do so but will waive them provided you maintain a minimum amount.

Be prepared to look past the more recognizable and bigger banks. Good rates and low deposit requirements can be found at many smaller institutions, including internet banks and apps.

Pros and Cons of High-Yield Savings Accounts

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of standard high-yield savings accounts in comparison to alternative strategies for money growth.

Pros of high-yield savings accounts:

  • Yields greater interest rates than comparable savings plans.
  • Has government insurance because it is a bank account (unlike investments).
  • May usually be accessed online, allowing you to stay at home.

Cons of high-yield savings accounts:

  • Occasionally has a larger minimum initial balance than standard savings accounts.
  • Although having an online opening is a benefit, some are exclusively available online, eliminating the possibility of in-person customer support.
  • Access to the savings accounts with the highest APY is simple.

The Bottom Line

You can safely access your account day or night with online banking. While charging lower fees than traditional banks, online banks, credit unions, and nonbank providers provide some of the best savings rates available. Additionally, they frequently provide useful mobile apps and websites that enable users to pay bills and deposit checks.