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It's essential to manage your finances through a bank or credit union. However, it doesn't necessarily make you smile. desires to alter that. Its mission statement, "makes people happy," seems to be in keeping with the user accounts. And it offers to assist you to reach your savings goals.

The is a digital bank that prioritizes providing value to its clients. Because no money is spent on flashy advertising or pricey naming rights for professional sports stadiums, mph. the bank's savings product can provide extremely competitive interest rates. Liberty Savings Bank, which has a history of providing goods and services that add value for customers, was founded by the bank.

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MPH Bank

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What Exactly Is

Neobank is a product of Liberty Savings Bank. provides a streamlined mobile banking experience to make customers pleased.

You'll discover simple strategies to increase your savings as a customer. Additionally, a strong rewards program pays everyone in your referral network every month.

The only way to access is online.

Free Digital Checking Account

The "Free Account" is a free online checking account provided by MPH. This account has access to 55,000 fee-free ATMs and has no monthly maintenance or overdraft fees.

The account does demand a minimum monthly direct transfer to your account of $500. It's a good free checking account overall.

First Student Checking Account

The First Student Checking Account from MPH is a reliable checking account for teenagers and college students. This account is intended for students between the ages of 10 and 24.

Like the Free Account, this account has no monthly maintenance expenses.

The parents can decide on debit cards, mobile deposit caps, cash transfers, and Zelle peer-to-peer payments for pupils if they are under the age of 18. When a student turns 18, they can make decisions.

Fresh Second Chance Checking

Additionally, MPH offers a second-chance checking account referred to as Fresh. If you are unfamiliar, second-chance checking accounts are made for those who might not have the finest banking scores and, as a result, have trouble getting a standard checking account (yes, there are such things as banking scores).

The monthly maintenance charge for this account is $9.

Money Market Account

Currently, is best renowned for its money market account with the highest yield. With the MMDA and SaveBetter, which routinely ranks first on our list of the best money market accounts, you can currently earn 4.41% APY on your money.

There are no monthly fees or minimum balance limitations for earning on this account, which can be opened with just $1.

How to Obtain $200 or More From

With's multi-step incentive, you can receive up to $200 in cash after meeting several requirements over the course of a year. The duration of 12 consecutive months is the deal's sticking point, but if you can live with that, the money is yours.

Create a new "spend" account at to begin with.

Continue receiving your direct transfer and keeping an average balance of $1,000 for an additional nine months.

You can choose a Friends, First, Fresh, or Free account when you open an account. If you use your mphCard to make purchases at least 15 times per month, the $9 monthly cost for the Friends account—which offers interest and referral bonuses—is eliminated. There is also a cost-free account available.

Get a Big Picture of Your Finances

You can quickly view all of your accounts in one location with You may even import accounts from other banks into your dashboard, which is something special. With that, it would be simpler for you to monitor your total financial situation.

The program also provides a budgeting feature that can be used to track your spending, spot spending patterns, keep tabs on your cash flow, and more. Additionally, the app allows you to check your credit score without charge.

Since this bank doesn't offer physical branches, it's fortunate that the app is so thorough.

Interest-Bearing Spend Account

A debit card is included with the Spend account. Additionally, interest will be paid on the money in your Spend account.

To access alluring incentives, you must either make 15 transactions or make monthly contributions of $500. Up to 0.55% APY on the balance of your Spend account is one of the benefits. Additionally, the $9 monthly membership cost will not apply at this level of usage.

For your monthly network Referral Rewards to become active, the account also needs 15 purchases. In your network, which can have up to 6 degrees of connections, you will receive $1 for each connected person. This award is given out by each month, so the totals can mount up quickly.

Savings Goals

Saving goals are essential to any healthy financial situation. Fortunately, makes it simple to achieve your financial objectives.

To start, you can create 'goals' accounts for add-ons with specified purposes. Let's imagine, for illustration, that you wish to purchase something. You could open an account just for that financial objective.

You'll have the choice to automatically transfer spare change to your goal account once this sub-account is set up. Therefore, the spare change will be transmitted immediately to each time you make a transaction using your debit card.


Do You Charge Anything?

Depending on the account, yes. There are no fees associated with the Money Market Account.

For its other offerings, charges a $9 monthly membership fee. But you'll be able to make use of's advantages for free for a period of six months. Additionally, if you conduct 15 transactions each month or arrange a direct deposit of at least $500 per month, the fee may be avoided.

There aren't any overdraft charges, though. Additionally, there will be no fees for cash withdrawals at more than 55,000 ATMs.

How Can I Create An Account?

The first step in joining MPH. the bank is to visit its. You must possess the following knowledge:

  • Your email
  • Your mobile phone's area code
  • Legally binding first and last name
  • Your physical location
  • Your birth date
  • The social security number

If you satisfy the requirements, will request supporting paperwork. Your application must be submitted along with a $25 opening deposit.

Is It Safe And Secure?

A secure banking experience is provided by Both the website and the app include bank-level security features and 256-bit encryption.

The money in your bank accounts is also up to $250,000 covered. Liberty Savings Bank provides FDIC insurance. Overall, you should feel at ease using to make banking transactions.

How Can I Reach

Call 800-892-8789, or send a secure email using your account. The bank can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@mphbank).

Is It Worth It? is a terrific answer if you're seeking an efficient way to handle multiple savings objectives. Setting up various savings goals and being able to track your development can be very beneficial.

Additionally, they offer a top-notch money market account at no charge.

The $9 monthly cost for their other products, though, is a little high. is a good choice if you can fulfill the requirements to be exempt from the fee due to the competitive APY. However, if the price is not waived, using will cost you a lot of money.

In the end, you'll have to choose whether you like the platform. If not, there are numerous alternative banking solutions available.

Bank Monthly Service Charge Minimum Deposit to Open APY
Free Digital Checking Account $0 $0 1.00% APY
Friends Referral Reward Checking Account $9 $0 0.00% APY
First Student Checking Account $0 $0 1.00% APY
Fresh Second Chance Checking Account $9 $0 1.00% APY
Future Savings Account $0 $0 4.60% APY