Capital One 360 Checking® Account

The best things about the 360 Checking Account:

  • no monthly fees,
  • no out-of-network fees,
  • no overdraft fees,
  • no foreign transaction fees!

securely on the bank's website

Capital One 360 Checking® Account is a great checking account offer, suitable for anyone looking for fee-free banking, top-notch technology, and great ATM network.

Not only does this checking account costs you almost nothing, but it also helps you save by earning interest on your daily balance! There aren't any monthly, ATM or foreign transaction fees, and you don't even have to make a minimum opening deposit - because, there's none! Regardless of how much money you've got in your account, you'll earn a 0.10% APY!

With their top-rated, secure mobile app, you'll be able to bank on the go, track your budget, set alerts, and enjoy the flexibility of managing your money anywhere, anytime. Besides, you'll be able to access over 40,000 ATMs across the States at no cost.

A huge plus is that you can use your debit card abroad as well - there are no foreign transaction fees!

While some extra services are charged, overall, this checking account is quite a deal, and we definitely think you should consider it.



Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Capital One 360 Checking® Account FAQ

1. How do I open a 360 Checking® account?

You can do it online or in person at any Capital One location. If you choose to do so online, you'll be required to fill out a form, where you'll provide your personal information, and some other details.

2. What information do I need to provide to open a 360 Checking® account?

You'll be asked to give your name, date of birth, address, email, phone number, employment information, annual income, social security number, citizenship information, and some amount of money for an initial deposit. Do note there is no minimum opening deposit.

3. How come there aren't any fees?

While most important features are at zero cost, it doesn't mean this checking account has no fees at all. You'll be still charged some things, including credit overdrafts, overnight check delivery, overnight replacement card delivery, stop payments, or returned checks.

4. What are "overdraft options"?

Capital One is quite generous when it comes to its overdraft options. There are several:

  1. Auto-decline (free of charge),
  2. Free Savings Transfer: in case you have a linked a 360 Savings® or 360 Money Market® account, Capital One will withdraw money from either and transfer it to your checking to prevent overdrafts (free of charge),
  3. Next Day Grace: opt-in required. $35 per overdraft transaction.
5. How can I avoid NSF fees?

A NSF fee of $9 applied to bounced checks can be avoided if you use digital banking tools to keep an eye on your account, wherever and whenever. Plus, if you set up alerts, whether by text or email, to let you know when your balance is low, you'll stay on top of your account and prevent any surcharges.

To ensure you have enough money in your account and avoid your check being rejected, you can always transfer money between your Capital One accounts online, at ATMs or in person, at no additional cost. You can also transfer money from accounts you might have with other banks.

To sum up, NSF fees can easily be avoided if you keep enough money in your balance, and track your spending regularly.

6. Is my Mastercard debit Visa free?

Yes, once you've opened your 360 Checking® account, you will receive it by snail mail. This Visa comes with $0 Fraud Liability, Identity Theft Protection™ from Mastercard®, instant alerts, Instant Card Lock, contactless payment options, and free ATM access to over 40,000 ATMs.

7. Can Capital One help me monitor and improve my credit score?

Yes! In their mobile app, there is a feature called CreditWise®, which lets you track and understand your credit score at anytime, and at no cost. While it might differ from credit scores lenders use, your CreditWise® credit score will serve you as a good measure of your financial health and stability. Capital One uses your score from TransUnion to calculate your CreditWise® score. You can also use Capital One's Simulator to see the potential impact of your financial decisions even before you make them.

8. What are some other pros of online and mobile banking?

In addition to mobile deposits, online bill pay, and a free credit score, you can also take advantage of many other online banking perks Capital One offers to its clients. For example, you can transfer money via Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®, and also use Zelle® for person-to-person money transfers.

You can, of course, set instant alerts to keep track of your spending, and receive push notifications whenever your card is used. In case your card is lost or stolen, you can immediately lock it via the app.

For an extra layer of security, you can choose how to access your account in the app: whether it with a touch of your finger using the device fingerprint sensor or with a customized pattern using SureSwipe, you can rest assured no one but you will be able to log in to your account.


9. What are My Savings Goals?

Capital One's My Savings Goals tool lets you set your savings goals, and track your way toward their achievement. If you're interested, you can open a savings account, and have it linked to your 360 Checking® account. The 360 Performance Savings is a fee-free savings account that earns 1% APY on any balance, has no minimums to open or maintain, and is FDIC-insured.

10. How do I contact Customer Service?

You can use live chat available in your Capital One mobile app, but you can also visit a Capital One Café or give them a call at 1-877-514-2265

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