Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account

Get rewarded for spending money, and enjoy:

  • up to 1% cash back,
  • unlimited check writing,
  • no monthly maintenance fees,
  • no domestic ATM usage fees - and more!

securely on the bank's website

If you're looking for a rewards checking account that's equipped with digital banking tools, high-tech security protection features, and 24/7 customer support, then you should definitely consider doing business with Axos Bank!

The Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account has all the perks and benefits Axos usually offers to its customers, and even more! Those extras include unlimited check writing, and a free starter kit of checks! Most importantly, with this checking account, you can earn up to 1% cashback on eligible purchases or, if you prefer in dollars - up to $2,000 in cash back rewards every month! This may vary, depending on your purchasing habits, but if that doesn't seem rewarding enough, you should know that you can also earn up to $20 when you refer a friend! (See FAQ for more information.)

One of the greatest benefits of being an Axos Bank customer is that you can know your personal and bank account information is stored safely, and monitored constantly, so the risk of identity theft or fraud is reduced to a minimum. That said, you still need to be prudent, and follow at least the basic steps to ensure protection (create strong passwords, don't share your information to anyone, don't click on random email links, etc.).

However, if you plan to go abroad, and use your Axos Bank debit card, you might want to think twice. If you want to avoid international ATM fees or foreign transaction fees, of course. Also, unlike most of Axos Bank's checking account offers, the Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account comes with overdraft and NSF fees - although lower than what other banks usually charge, they're still there..

Going back to the brighter side, if you're comfortable enough with using nothing but a browser and a mobile app for all your banking needs and tasks, since Axos is an online bank, then there aren't any major reasons not to consider this rewards checking account offer. Besides, with 24/7 customer service available, you won't even feel there are no physical branches nearby.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account FAQ

1. How can I apply for the Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account?

You can apply online, by completing a short form available through the "APPLY NOW" link on this page (scroll up a bit to see the button).

Once on the Axos Bank website, click to open the account.

You'll be asked to provide your personal information, including your:

  • Name, email, and phone number.
  • New username and password,
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license or State ID (you can either submit a photo thereof or enter the information manually).
  • Home address,
  • Social Security number,
  • Date of birth.
2. How much can I earn cash back with my Axos Bank debit card?

You can earn up to 1% cash back on signature-based purchases made using your Axos Bank debit card (up to $2,000 cash back per month) if you keep a $1,500 minimum average daily collected balance.

If your balance goes below $1,500, you'll earn 0.5% cash back for that month.

3. Are all purchases eligible for Axos Bank's cashback rewards?

Not all purchases are eligible for cashback rewards through Axos Bank's CashBack program.

You won't earn any cashback rewards on purchases made at:

  • Supermarkets,
  • Superstores,
  • Grocery stores,
  • Wholesale stores,
  • Discount stores,
  • USPS,
  • Financial or money transfer institutions.

Also, any "virtual purchases", such as those made using virtual wallets, fund transfer services or other similar technology aren't eligible either.

4. How and when will I receive my cash back rewards?

Axos Bank will make a deposit to your Axos Bank CashBack Checking account on your monthly statement cycle date.

Note that, if your account is closed mid-cycle or at zero at the end of a statement cycle, you will earn all of your earnings for that month. In the latter case, your account will be closed as well.

5. How can I get free starter check kit?

If you want to receive a free starter kit of checks from Axos, make sure you order it at the time of application for the CashBack Checking Account.

6. How can I avoid ATM fees as an Axos Bank customer?

If you use your Axos Bank CashBack Checking Account debit card at U.S. ATMs, you will receive unlimited ATM fee reimbursements, meaning you won't ever have to pay any domestic ATM fees!

If you still want to locate surcharge-free ATMs, you can use Axos Bank's ATM Locator.

On the other hand, ATM fees apply when using your Axos Bank debit card abroad, as well as foreign transaction fees, so better don't use your debit card while on travel. 

7. How can I request a replacement debit card with Axos Bank?

Axos Bank made everything easier for you, so you need not download any forms or waste time waiting for a customer representative to follow up on your request.

You can easily order a new or replacement debit card when you log in to online banking. In your account, you'll see the Debit Cards tab, from which you can also activate it once it's arrived.

8. How does Axos Bank's Refer a Friend work?

When your friends apply and open for Axos Bank's Essential Checking Account, you can earn up to $20 per referral, under a number of conditions.

Your friend must:

  • Be a new Axos Bank customer, i.e. they have never owned an Axos Bank account.
  • Apply through the referral link you provided.
  • Be approved to open the account.
  • Add $500 or more to their new account.
  • Receive a direct deposit of $100+.

After your friend has made the initial $500+ deposit, and maintained an average minimum daily balance of $500+ for a month, you'll receive $10. If your friend then receives a direct deposit of $100+ and maintains the $500 minimum balance for the next month as well, you'll receive the last $10 into your account. By the way, your friend will also receive the reward!

9. What is Evo?

Axos Bank's chatbot Evo, as in "Banking Evolved", is your financial assistant you can safely reach out to with any basic banking questions or requests you may have. Evo is accessible via the tiny x icon at the bottom of most Axos Bank web pages.

Evo gives you information about your transactions, balances, mortgage payment due days, recent deposits, and alike. You can also ask Evo to transfer money between your internal Axos Bank accounts, in case you have both a savings and a checking account with Axos Bank. You can tell Evo to pay your Axos Bank loans, as well. With a simple command, Evo can tell you where the nearest ATM is, and more.

While Evo can answer some of the questions without your logging in to your account, some, more specific inquiries and task request do require you to be signed in to your online bank account, whether through a browser or Axos Bank's mobile app.

10. Where can I find my Axos Bank routing number?

Axos Bank routing number is 122287251.

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