TD Bank 60 Plus Checking Account

A basic checking account, designed specially for senior citizens.

securely on the bank's website

TD 60 Plus CheckingSM is an interest-bearing checking account designed for senior citizens looking for a convenient way to manage their money, while earning interest on their daily balance with a checking account that meets their daily banking needs.

The TD 60 Plus CheckingSM comes with all the usual perks TD Bank offers, such as a TD Bank Visa debit card with fraud protection, online and mobile banking tools, digital wallet, and free access to TD Bank's ATMs across the United States and Canada.

With no minimum opening deposit, and a low monthly fee balance requirement, the TD 60 Plus CheckingSM might seem like a great checking account offer for seniors. However, just because this checking account is designed for older generations, it doesn't mean it is perfect for them. If you want to open a checking account with TD Bank, you should also check out their Beyond Checking account, which comes with more benefits, including 2 free overdrafts per year, free wire transfers, incoming wires, and money orders, safe deposit box discounts, and ATM access worldwide. That said, the Beyond Checking does have higher minimum daily balance requirements, but if you can maintain at least $2,500 in your account or have $5,000+ direct deposits made to it, then try opening the TD Beyond Checking first.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $10 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

TD Bank 60 Plus Checking Account FAQ

1. How old do I need to be to open a TD 60 Plus Checking?

You need to be 60 or older to open a TD 60 Plus Checking account.

2. Can I open a TD 60 Plus Checking account online?

Yes, you can open a TD 60 Plus Checking account online, in person, by visiting your local TD Bank branch or by phone at 1-888-751-9000 (line available 24/7).

3. What is needed to open a TD 60 Plus Checking account?

You'll be asked to provide:

  • Your personal information (Social Security Number, date of birth, and a government-issued ID),
  • Your contact information (home address, phone number, email),
  • Account or debit card number for the initial deposit.
4. Is TD Bank's Mobile Banking free?

Yes, you will not be charged for using TD Bank's Mobile Banking solutions.

With TD Bank's Mobile Banking App, you'll be able to access your TD 60 Plus Checking account whenever you want.

In the app, you can view account and balance information, including pending transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, contact Customer Service, find a TD Bank ATM or local branch, modify your TD Bank Visa card settings, report a lost or stolen card, and more.

5. How do I enroll in TD Bank Online Banking?

You can enroll directly on the TD Bank website. You will need your Social Security Number,  your email address, your TD Bank account number, and your TD Bank ATM, Visa® Debit or Visa® Credit Card.

6. How do I deposit checks with TD Bank Mobile App?

If you're enrolled in TD Bank Online Banking, you can use TD Bank's Mobile Banking App to deposit checks. All you need is to have the app installed on your smartphone or tablet device, equipped with a camera.

It's quite easy to deposit checks through the Mobile Banking app. You simply need to select the account for deposit, enter the amount of the check, take a photo of your check using your device, review, and submit.

It is recommended to write a note on the check, so you know you've deposited it. Don't destroy the check for at least 2 weeks, so you know it's been cleared for the good.

7. When are mobile deposit funds available?

Usually, your funds will be available the next business day following the date of your deposit. If you submit a deposit before 8 PM on a business day, that same day is considered to be the date of your deposit. If you do it afterward, the next business day will count as the day of your deposit.

8. Are there any daily transaction limits on my TD Bank debit Visa card?

Yes, there are limits when it comes to transactions made using your TD Bank debit Visa card:

  • ATM Cash Withdrawals: You can withdraw no more than $750/day from an ATM.
  • POS (PIN) Transactions: You can spend up to $2,000/day.
  • Visa-Signature Transactions: A $5,000 limit applies when you sign to pay for your purchases.
  • Visa Cash Advances: $5,000.


9. How do I find my TD Bank routing number?

Your TD Bank routing number depends on where you opened your account. You can find your routing number at the bottom of your checks.

Here are TD Bank's routing numbers per state:

  • Connecticut: 011103093
  • Florida: 067014822
  • Maine: 211274450
  • Massachusetts/Rhode Island: 211370545
  • Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia: 054001725
  • New Hampshire: 011400071
  • New Jersey/Delaware: 031201360
  • New York – Metro NYC of former Commerce customers: 026013673
  • New York – Upstate NY of former Banknorth customers: 021302567
  • North Carolina/South Carolina: 053902197
  • Pennsylvania: 036001808
  • Vermont: 011600033
10. How does TD Wallet work?

If you're confident using your mobile device for your financial needs, then you can take advantage of TD Bank's Digital Wallet to pay for your online, in-store, and in-app purchases. 

All you need to do is add your TD Bank Visa® cards to your digital wallet, and use your mobile device to make fast and easy payments. Digital wallets are accepted almost everywhere, so you'll be able to pay by simply tapping your mobile device to pay with your TD Bank Visa Card. Digital wallets are safe to use, and, just like your TD Bank Visa card, protected against unauthorized charges with Visa Zero Liability. Besides, you can pay with confidence knowing your card details aren't stored on your device or shared when you pay.

TD Bank Digital Wallet is available with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.


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