Comerica Bank Rich Rewards® Checking Account

Earn interest while enjoying special banking services and support for your investment needs.

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Comerica's Rich Rewards® Checking Account is an interest-bearing checking account with decent benefits the bank offers with its regular checking accounts. In addition to free online banking, check or ATM card, and Comerica Advantage style checks, customers also receive discounted rates on home or non-real-estate loans. As far as certificates of deposit are concerned, there's a minimum amount required to open a CD, while penalty fees may be applied for early withdrawals. However, for accounts active for a year or more, CD rates applied increase, and can go up to 0.30%.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $18 (can be waived / reduced)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
    $26 - $38
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
    $26 - $38
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Comerica Bank Rich Rewards® Checking Account FAQ

1. How do I apply for a Comerica Bank Rich Rewards® Checking Account?

To open a Comerica Rich Rewards® Checking, you will need to visit a local Comerica branch.

You'll be asked to provide your personal information, such as:

  • Your driver's License, state ID or passport that shows you are a U.S. resident aged 18+,
  • Your Social Security Number,
  • Your mobile phone number and email address,
  • Your current bank account and routing number if you want to fund your new account immediately.
2. What is a combined balance?

Comerica will waive the $18 monthly fee if you meet certain balance requirements, one of which includes maintaining a combined daily balance of at least $7,500 in your Comerica accounts.

This means you can have those $7,500 across up to 4 different Comerica accounts with you as the owner. One of those accounts must, however, be the Comerica Rich Rewards® Checking, while other eligible include Statement Savings, Money Market Investment Account (MMIA), High-Yield Money Market Investment Account (HY MMIA), CDs or IRAs. 

3. What is Comerica Web Banking®​?

Comerica Web Banking®​ allows you to access and manage your account anywhere, at any time. With Comerica Web Banking®​, you'll be able to, among others:

  • view recent transactions, transfers, bill pay, and other activities,
  • view, download, and print electronic monthly statements, available for up to 24 months,
  • view your Comerica Debit card transactions, and account history going up to 6 months behind,
  • set up one-time or recurring or future-dated transfers between your Comerica checking and savings accounts OR between your Comerica and your accounts at other U.S. financial institutions,
  • manage all things checks (view, print, request stop payments),
  • pay bills,
  • use tools, such as Zelle or Quicken®.
4. What's the difference between Comerica Debit Card and Comerica ATM Card?

While both the Comerica Debit Mastercard and the Comerica ATM card offer similar benefits when it comes to identity protection, and enhanced anti-fraud security features, the Comerica Debit Mastercard is more flexible in terms of how and where you can use your card.

With the Comerica Debit Mastercard, you can make debit and signature purchases anywhere a Mastercard is accepted, including online and abroad. In the United States, you can also use your PIN instead of having to sign each time you want to pay. Plus, with this Mastercard, you can make mobile payments with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay or Google PayTM.  The card can also be used at ATMs.

The Comerica Debit Mastercard comes with Mastercard Zero Liability, Identity Theft Resolution Services, Price Protection, and more features that ensure safe use, enhance security, and identity protection.

Oh the other hand, the Comerica ATM card allows you to make PIN-based purchases within the U.S., while enjoying Comerica Liability Protection services. If a merchant allows it, you can even earn cash back each time you shop. Plus, since it's an ATM card, it's quite convenient to make ATM transactions, and inquiries. 

Both of these cards allow you to access your Comerica account anytime you want, and any card activity will be visible in your monthly statements. This way, you can easily track your spending, and monitor activity.

5. How do I request a Comerica card?

When opening a Comerica Rich Rewards® Checking account, you'll be able to choose between the Comerica Mastercard Debit card and the Comerica ATM card.

You can apply for the no-annual-fee Comerica Mastercard online. It takes only a few minutes to complete the application form. You'll be asked to provide:

  • Your Social Security Number,
  • Your Driver's License Number,
  • Additional cardholders/authorized signers' names,
  • Comerica Checking/Savings Account Numbers,
  • State where primary account was opened,
  • Date and amount of last deposit.

To apply for a Comerica ATM card, you need to visit a local Comerica branch or call 800.589.1400 (TDD 800.822.6546 if hearing-impaired).

6. How do I activate my Comerica card?

To activate your Comerica card, and select or change your PIN, you need to call 844.253.3042 or 646.817.9542if you're outside the U.S.

7. What is a Statement Savings account?

A Statement Savings is another Comerica's savings account offered to Comerica Platinum Circle Checking® accountholders at no additional cost.

Comerica's Statement Savings gives you 24-hour access to Comerica's ATM network, and 6 free check writings per month.

8. What is Comerica's CheckPhoto?

If you choose Comerica's CheckPhoto option, you'll receive front images of your cancelled checks together with your monthly statements.

9. What is a cancelled check?

A cancelled check is a check that's been cleared by the bank, and serves as a receipt or proof of payment. Once the money's been deduced from your account, banks mark checks as "cancelled", so it cannot longer be used. Cancelled checks also enable accountholders to track their expenses, and even during an IRS tax audit to show proof of charitable donations or alike.

10. What are Comerica's overdraft and NSF fees?

The overdraft fees and NSF fees are set and charged by Comerica based on the number of times you overdraw your account (overdraft fees) or are unable to cover an amount written on a check (non-sufficient funds). The more frequently it happens, the more you'll pay. This is, relatively speaking, a good thing, as it should serve to keep you more vigilant, and responsible with your money. 

Whether it be overdraft fees or NSF fees, Comerica Bank will charge you $26 the first time, $34 the second, third, and fourth time, and $38 for the fifth or any following occurrence.

The best way to avoid Comerica's overdraft and NSF fees is by keeping a close eye to your account balance using digital banking tools, such as account alerts, mobile app, and review account activity history frequently. 

Comerica Bank provides overdraft protection services, just like any financial institution. 

Standard Overdraft Practices come automatically with all checking accounts; Enhanced Overdraft Protection require prior confirmation, while Automatic Overdraft Protection (AOP) is available to link to a checking account for customers that currently have or would like to open a Comerica Savings or Money Market Account, or who apply and qualify for a Credit Card or Home Equity Line of Credit. Keep in mind that some fees may apply, these services aren't always free.

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