First Horizon FirstView Checking Account

A simple banking solution with no monthly fees.

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The First Horizon FirstView Checking Account is a free checking account featuring all you need for basic, simple banking. 

With various options and services provided in digital banking, you'll stay on top of your money without it being a bother. Thanks to account alerts, and advanced security features, you'll be able to bank safely, knowing you're protected against financial fraud. That said, you still need to stay prudent when banking online, and pay close attention not to disclose your personal or bank information to anyone.

With your free debit card, you'll have access to over 43,000 AllPoint ATMs - free of charge! This means you can access your funds wherever you are within the U.S. without being charged unnecessary ATM fees. In case you ever notice suspicious activities on your debit card, there's the option to freeze it instantly available on the First Horizon Mobile app.

While the FirstView Checking is designed to simplify banking, if you need help setting up your online banking account, there's a whole team of First Horizon professionals available at your service, and you can reach out to them in any First Horizon branch.

If you're interested in opening a savings account with First Horizon, as a FirstView Checking accountholder, you'll benefit from waived monthly fees on the bank's Traditional Savings account - you'll only need to make an opening deposit of $50. You can link this account to your FirstView Checking for overdraft protection as well.

Overall, the First Horizon FirstView Checking is just basic. There's nothing special about it, which can be a good thing, if you're looking for a simple banking solution. If you're interested in more, whether it be a checking account that pays interest or comes with cashback rewards or more free perks, then keep shopping.


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First Horizon FirstView Checking Account FAQ

1. Who are Digital Delegates?

If you'd like to use digital banking but aren't quite familiar with how it works, First Horizon's Digital Delegates are there to help you with all those technical things you might be having issues with. You'll find Digital Delegates in many of First Horizon's branches, and these experts can help you manage payment options in digital banking, learn how to check your balance, find statements, add accounts, transfer money, and do many other banking tasks.

2. What is First Horizon's Quick Glance?

Quick Glance is a mobile banking feature allowing you to see your balance and recent transactions without logging in to your First Horizon bank account. It's quite a convenient way to keep an eye on your daily spending, as you'll be able to see your 10 most recent transactions by simply clicking the Quick Glance option at the bottom right of the login screen (you need to enable the function, though). It's also helpful when it comes to account monitoring, because you can act immediately if you notice any suspicious activities.

3. How do I enroll in First Horizon Digital Banking?

Enrolling in First Horizon Digital Banking is simple! You'll need to get your debit card, account number, SSN, and email address ready, and then follow this link for further steps.

In case of any technical issues, you can contact First Horizon at 800-382-5465 or visit one of their local branches for in-person assistance.

4. Can I set up push notifications in Mobile Banking?

You can set up various account alerts in First Horizon's Mobile Banking! There are 3 groups of alerts:

1. Optional: you can choose to receive alerts notifying you of your transaction activities, account credit and balance updates.

2. Recommended: you'll receive alerts, such as scheduled payment and transfer alerts, for an extra layer of protection. You can opt out if you prefer.

3. Mandatory: you'll receive alerts when your contact information is updated, device added, and payment failed.

You can receive alerts via text message, email, in your Digital Banking message box or as in-app push notifications. By setting them up, you'll always know what's going on with your bank account, so you can bank safely and with confidence.

5. What other features and services are available in First Horizon Digital Banking?

With First Horizon's digital banking features and services, you'll be able to conveniently and easy manage your account, whether you access it at home or while on the go.

In addition to keeping an eye on your account balance and activity with alerts, you'll also be able to pool all your First Horizon bank accounts together for better control. You'll be able to transfer funds between your internal accounts or to someone else, be it your friends and family or a business. Using account-to-account money transfer options or Zelle for quick and easy person-to-person money transfer to anyone with a U.S. bank account, you'll complete these transactions in a couple of clicks. Additionally, First Horizon's gives you the option to set up automatic or recurring payments, which is quite useful for bill payments, subscriptions, and alike. You can also manage how your First Horizon debit card is used, and freeze it temporarily if you suspect something fishy going on.

Plus, there's a great budgeting tool allowing you to create a budget and set savings goals!

6. How does First Horizon's budgeting and savings tool work?

First Horizon's budgeting and savings tool is available in Online and Mobile Banking, and you can use it for free. It's great since it allows you to track and analyze spending in various spending categories you can have set up either automatically or by yourself. You'll be able to keep track of your purchasing habits, create a budget, as well as savings goals. With customizable graphics and reports, you'll see your progress, and make additional changes if necessary to stay on top of your budget.

7. What kind of overdraft protection does First Horizon offer?

First Horizon has several overdraft protection plans that you might be interested in if you want to avoid being charged hefty overdraft fees. 

For example, there's The Savings Account Link, great if you have or would like to open a savings account with First Horizon. This way, you can link it to your FirstView Checking, and, in case you ever overdraw your account, the funds will be automatically transferred from your savings to your checking account to cover the transaction. Yet, you'd still be charged a $15 fee per transfer.

Your second option is The Credit Card Link, which works the same way, but here, you need to keep in mind that, each time you don't have enough money in your checking account, and a transfer is made from your credit card to your checking, it will be treated as a cash advance, so, in addition to the $15 transfer fee, you'd also be charged cash advance fees.

Finally, there's The HELOC Link for those who have a First Horizon Bank Home Equity Line of Credit.

However, if you do want to avoid overdraft fees altogether, the best way to go is to ensure you always have money in your FirstView Checking balance.

8. How can I contact First Horizon?

You can get in touch with a First Horizon representative by making a customer service request. You can also reach them by phone at 800-382-5465. If you prefer, you can write them an email or visit a First Horizon branch to talk with someone in person. 

9. Are my deposits with First Horizon safe?

Yes, since First Horizon is a FDIC member, your deposits are insured on up to $250,000.

10. How do I find my First Horizon routing number?

First Horizon routing number is 084000026, but you can also find your routing number at the bottom of your check.

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