First National Bank of Omaha Free Checking Account


  • no monthly fees,
  • no minimum balance requirements,
  • no FNBO out-of-network ATM usage fees.

securely on the bank's website

The First National Bank of Omaha Free Checking account is a great checking account offers because it comes packed with free perks for those looking a convenient banking solution with no monthly fees!

In addition to your being able to monitor and manage your checking account 24/7 using FNBO Online and Mobile Banking, you'll enjoy a free Visa debit card you can use anywhere Visa is accepted for both in-person and online purchases. You can also link your debit card to a digital wallet, and use your mobile device to make safe and fast payments. Visa Secure Remote Commerce (Visa SRC) will also make your online purchases a lot easier. By enrolling in Visa SRC, you won't have to enter your FNBO Visa debit card information each time you want to complete an online purchase. Instead, you'll only have to click the Visa SRC button to check out safely and smoothly! If, on the other hand, you prefer cash, with the FNBO Free Checking, you'll be able to withdraw funds from any ATM without FNBO charging you any out-of-network ATM fees (but the ATM owners might). That said, access to Allpoint ATMs worldwide is totally free.

In FNBO Online and Mobile Banking, you'll have 24/7 access to your account, so you can manage and organize your finances, set up account alerts, view and download statements, pay bills, and more! You can download the bank's app for even more banking features, including mobile check deposits. All of this is provided free of charge.

With Overdraft Coverage and Overdraft Protection, you can avoid some of the overdraft fees that might occur in case you don't have enough money to cover a transaction. Nonetheless, it's always more recommended to set up account alerts, so you can keep an eye on your current balance, and minimize the risk of your balance going negative. If it happens, you should know that First National Bank of Omaha will forgive you overdrawing your account/having your check returned once per year, a perk rarely any other bank offers.

As a FNBO Free Checking Account customer, you'll also receive a range of Free Checking Relationship benefits, which are useful if you're interested in getting a loan or opening another FNBO bank account.

Overall, the FNBO Free Checking Account is a really good checking account, if you're not looking for a checking account that pays interest or has a cashback rewards program. Since FNBO has been rated as one of the best banks in the Midwest, if you live in any of the countries served by the bank, you should definitely consider this free checking account, and enjoy all the benefits that come along!



Checking account details

Checking account fees

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  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

First National Bank of Omaha Free Checking Account FAQ

1. What overdraft protection plans does FNBO offer?

There are two overdraft protection options First National Bank of Omaha offers to its customers, namely:

1. Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection lets you link an FNBO savings account or an FNBO line of credit to your Free Checking, so, in case you ever run out of funds, the money will be automatically transferred from your linked account to your FNBO Checking account to complete the transaction, and avoid overdrawing your account.

2. Overdraft Service

Overdraft Service is an optional service you can use to tell FNBO how to proceed when If you have a linked account as part of Overdraft Protection, but there aren't any funds available in it to cover a transaction. The bank will know which transactions to authorize, i.e. pay and which to decline. Do note that you may be charged overdraft or NSF fees, no matter if your transaction has been declined or approved.

2. How can I avoid overdraft fees with FNBO?

The best way to avoid overdraft fees altogether is to keep your balance positive at all times. You can always set up account alerts to inform you when your balance is low, so you can transfer funds immediately to your Free Checking.

First National Bank of Omaha will also forgive you 1 overdraft or returned item per year. You won't be charged for any overdrafts of $20 or less, either. This is more than other banks usually allow. Normally, they charge no overdraft or NSF fees if you overdraw your account by $5 or less - so, another big plus for FNBO!

3. What Free Checking Relationship Benefits do I get with a FNBO Free Checking Account?

As a FNBO Free Checking Account customer, you'll receive a number of special relationship benefits you can take advantage of if you're considering additional FNBO bank accounts or services.

The Free Checking Relationship Benefits include:

  • 0.25% rate discount on auto, home equity and personal loans,
  • $200 mortgage closing cost credit,
  • $25 safe deposit box discount,
  • Relationship rates on savings, money market, CD, and IRA accounts.
4. What can I use the FNBO Mobile Banking app for?

The FNBO Mobile Banking app makes daily banking a lot easier and much more convenient, as it allows you to access and manage your Free Checking account wherever you are, 24/7. Using the app, you can organize your finances and manage your budget in a simple and secure way.

Among many other things, the FNBO Mobile Banking app lets you to:

  • view your account balances, scheduled and recent payments, transaction history, and processed checks,
  • pay bills and credit cards,
  • transfer money between your FNBO accounts,
  • send money to other FNBO customers,
  • set up account alerts,
  • make mobile check deposits,
  • locate an FNBO branch or ATM nearby,
  • contact FNBO customer support.

No matter how many or which FNBO bank accounts you've got, you'll be able to keep them all in one place using the FNBO Mobile Banking app.

5. What account alerts can I set up to receive about my FNBO Free Checking Account?

To better manage your FNBO Free Checking account, you can set up a number of account alerts, so you can receive real-time text messages or emails that will notify you of any activities or modifications that might require your attention.

In First National Bank of Omaha Online and Mobile Banking, you can choose to receive:

  • Account Management Alerts: about payment reminders, transaction updates, and notifications about monthly statement availability.
  • Spending Alerts: about balance amounts, overdraft protection usage, approaching credit limits, and other account transactions.
  • Account Protection: about changes made to your Online or Mobile Banking profile, including BillPay account.

These alerts are not only useful when it comes to better money management, as they will keep you in the loop with your current balance, so you can avoid overdrafts and declined payments, but they are also very helpful when it comes to preventing identity theft and fraudulent activities. By being alerted each time an activity occurs or a change is made to your account, you'll be able to detect unauthorized transactions, activities or modifications, which you can then report to the bank immediately.

6. Is it safe to use the FNBO Mobile Banking app?

As with any other financial institution, the top FNBO's priority is to ensure security of its customers. To that end, the bank has taken the necessary measures to protect your personal and account information. Your account information is never stored on your phone. Besides, it is locked thanks to your unique user ID, password, four-digit passcode, and secure sign-in options, such as Touch ID and Face ID. In case of inactivity after login, you'll be automatically logged out to prevent others from accessing your account. Do note it's important that you only access your FNBO bank account using a safe network. However, any data transmitted are encrypted, in both Online and Mobile Banking.

First National Bank of Omaha also uses firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to their systems, as well as advanced virus protection technology to detect and prevent viruses from attacking their network. With regular updates and patching, the bank minimizes its systems' vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

7. Where can I download the First National Bank of Omaha Mobile Banking app?

You can download the First National Bank of Omaha Mobile Banking app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play.

8. What kind of Visa debit card will I get with a FNBO Free Checking account?

There are several Visa debit cards First National Bank of Omaha offers to its Free Checking account customers.

You can choose the one you prefer: all of them come with Visa's Zero Liability, no monthly service fees, no transaction fees, and no annual fees!

The Visa debit cards in First National Bank of Omaha's lineup include:

  • Visa Debit Card, with up to $3,000 in purchases, and $1,000 in withdrawals per day,
  • Platinum Visa Debit Card, with up to $10,000 in purchases, and $1,000 in withdrawals per day.

You can also order a fan or specialty card. There's the fancy Rose Gold Debit Card, as well as Visa Debit Fan Card that comes with the same benefits as the Platinum Visa, plus with unique fan experiences, ticket opportunities, and free checks with a university logo!

If you'd like to support a good cause, then you might be interested in getting a Pink Visa Debit Card to help reduce the risk of breast cancer. This debit card has the same daily purchase and withdrawal limits as the Platinum Visa.

9. How can I find an FBNO branch or ATM?

You can use FNBO's ATM and branch locator online or find a branch or ATM nearby using the FNBO Mobile Banking app. You can download the First National Bank of Omaha Mobile Banking app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play.

10. Where can I find First National Bank of Omaha's BIC or Swift code, and routing number?

First National Bank of Omaha's BIC/SWIFT code for International Wires is FNBOUS44. You can find your routing number at the bottom of your check or by visiting the FNBO Routing Number page, where you'll be asked for your zip code, since these numbers might differ from one state to another. If you have any other questions related to your routing number or wire transfers, you can reach out to an FBNO representative at 800-642-0014.

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