Frost Bank Frost Premium Checking Account

A premium checking account with:

  • no overdraft fees,
  • unlimited free personal accounts,
  • free access to all ATMs, with up to $15 surcharge fees reimbursed each month!

securely on the bank's website

The Frost Premium Account is, as it's name says, a premium checking account. This means that, not only is this checking account an interest-bearing checking account, but it also comes with a range of free benefits that aren't usually offered at no cost. Premium checking accounts are mostly suitable for those who can maintain high balances - and we're talking greater-than-five-digit amounts. However, even if you can't meet the monthly fee waiver balance requirements, you can still open a Frost Premium Account, and get to enjoy all those perks for $30 per month. (Note that this comes down to $360 per year, so if you don't really need overdraft fee waivers, as you are normally careful with your money; if you aren't interested in additional Frost bank accounts, etc., you might as well be better off with other Frost account, such as the Frost Plus Account.)

What perks are included? In addition to all the usual features Frost Bank offers to its checking account customers, such as free debit card, digital banking tools, free access to 1,200+ Frost Bank ATMs, and 24/7 phone support, the Frost Premium Account comes with more free services, such as wire transfer services, free overdrafts and returned items, and free access to any ATM, with up to $15 in surcharge fees reimbursed each month. Plus, if you're looking to open an additional personal account with Frost, you'll love the fact that, as a Frost Premium Account customer, you can open as many Frost Bank personal checking, savings and/or money market accounts as your heart desires - with no monthly fees!

Now that we've covered those premium or exclusive benefits of the Frost Premium Account, we should also mention the basics. Frost Bank Online and Mobile Banking allows you to access and manage your Premium Account the way you want. From organizing your budget, tracking your spending, sending money, to simply modifying your personal information, viewing transactions, and finding an ATM nearby - you can literally do whatever banking task you think of. Use custom alerts for additional protection and account activity monitoring, so that you always stay on top of your money. In case you ever notice a suspicious activity, you'll be instantly informed, and able to contact Frost Bank to report potential fraudulent actions immediately. That said, the bank itself has all the required security features in place, so you can bank safely. Yet, one never knows what might happen online, so be prudent at all time, and make sure nobody can access your account information. Each time you want to sign in to your Frost Premium Account online, do so using a safe network, never a public one.

You can use your debit card for both in-store and online purchases, and, if needed, access your funds using any ATM free of charge. That said, you might be charged additional fees by other ATM owners, which Frost will reimburse - up to $15 per month. Given that ATM owners' fees might be quite high, and go as high as $10, you be the judge of whether these ATM fee rebated would be enough or not. It depends on your habits - how often you use ATMs, and where. Make sure, however, to always check whether there's a Frost Bank ATM in your area you can find quickly, just to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Overall, this is a decent checking account offer, although we've seen much rewarding ones with less or no fees at all. Do your research, and make sure you've considered as many options as possible in order to find a checking account that fully meets your financial needs.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $30 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Frost Bank Frost Premium Checking Account FAQ

1. How can I open a Frost Premium Checking Account?

To open a Frost Premium Checking Account, you need to get your ID, SSN, and opening deposit ready. However, you can't open the Frost Premium Account online, but at a local Frost Bank branch.

2. What is a combined average balance?

A combined average balance is the total amount of money you keep across several bank accounts with the same bank. In the case of the Frost Bank Premium Account, you can avoid the monthly fee by keeping a combined average daily balance of $250,000 in your eligible personal deposit accounts, and your investment accounts.

The average daily balance is calculating by adding the principal in the account for each day of a statement period, and then dividing that number by the number of days in that period. For direct mutual fund accounts, their account balances are taken as they were at the end of the previous month.

3. What personal and investment accounts are eligible for the monthly fee waiver?

If you manage to maintain at least $250,000 in your Frost Bank personal and investment accounts, you will avoid the $30 monthly fee.

The eligible personal deposit accounts include Frost Bank checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, and IRAs.

Qualifying investment and trust accounts include personal accounts, 529 plans, and revocable personal trust accounts. Retirement and employee benefit plan investment accounts do not qualify.

4. What happens if I don't maintain a $250,000 combined average balance with my Frost Premium Account?

If you don't meet the $250,000 combined average requirement for 3 consecutive statement cycles (usually per month), your Frost Premium Account will be converted to a Frost Personal Account.

5. What services are available in Frost Bank Online and Mobile Banking?

Frost Bank's online banking services are designed to give you the flexibility and convenience you need to perform basic banking tasks, such as to:

  • view your account balance, transactions, statements, check copies, and I.R.S. forms 1098 and 1099 related to interest reporting,
  • transfer funds between your Frost Bank accounts, as well as those you have with other financial institutions,
  • transfer funds to people with a U.S. bank account using Zelle,
  • transfer funds to other U.S. bank accounts,
  • make loan payments,
  • pay bills,
  • order checks,
  • manage your debit card,
  • make stop payments,
  • change your account preferences and/or personal information,
  • set up account alerts,
  • download account information (if using Quicken, for example),
  • request customer assistance,
  • open new accounts with Frost Bank,
  • purchase additional services, and more.

In the Frost Bank Mobile Banking app, you'll also be able to make mobile check deposits!

6. What kind of debit card alerts can I set up?

You can turn on notifications for the following:

  • declined transactions,
  • online purchases,
  • transactions out of the United States,
  • pay-at-the-pump transactions,
  • purchase over a specific amount,
  • ATM withdrawals.

Since these transactions are quite risky, the best way to prevent having your identity or bank information stolen is to turn all of these notifications on, so you can always know what's going on with your account. In case an activity's triggered, you'll be able to check it out instantly, and report it to Frost Bank immediately. 

7. What are the features of the Frost Money Market Account?

The Frost Money Market Account is a type of a savings account that pays more than a typical savings account. The Frost Personal Money Market Account comes with competitive, tiered APY and interest rates, currently set at 0.06% for all balances. It also offers 6 free check withdrawals per statement cycle, and free online images of checks you've written.

As a Frost Premium Account customer, you can open a Frost Money Market Account free of charge, but a $50 minimum opening deposit is required.

8. What's included in the Frost Bank Savings account offer?

The Frost Bank Savings account comes with a set of benefits, including an 0.01% APY, free online banking and online monthly statements, unlimited lobby and ATM withdrawals (fees still apply), and 2 free withdrawals per month.

While there's a $3.5 monthly fee on the Frost Bank Savings account, as a Frost Plus Account customer, you can open a Frost Bank savings account for free!

9. Can I open a Frost Savings Account or a Frost Money Market Account online?

No, to open either a Frost Savings or a Frost Money Market Account, you'll need to get in touch with a Frost banker first. You can call them at (866) 376-7889 or visit a local Frost Bank financial center.

10. What is Frost Bank routing number?

The Frost Bank routing number is 114000093.

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