U.S. Bank Easy Checking Account

A checking account with basic banking features.

securely on the bank's website

We like the U.S. Bank Easy Checking account because it's so straightforward, and easy to manage. With it, you'll get everything you need for daily banking, including a free U.S. Bank Visa debit card with free access to over 4,500 U.S. Bank ATMs, as well as to over 33,000 MoneyPass ATMs across the United State.

Excellent digital banking features, such as U.S. Bank bill pay, Zelle, account alerts, and debit card controls are there to make remote banking as smooth as possible for you, but you can always reach out to a U.S. Bank representative if needed. Since U.S. Bank has over 2,700 branches across 25 states, you will be able to get in-person support almost anywhere. That said, you can always contact them electronically or by phone.

Even though there's a low $6.95 monthly fee on this checking account, the fee can be easily waived if you receive at least $1,000 in direct deposits each month or keep a minimum average balance of $1,000. Senior U.S. citizens won't pay any monthly fees regardless of how much money they keep in their Easy Checking account balance, and they will also benefit from waived fees on paper statements (although we always recommend going paperless for green banking!). 

In case you're planning on getting a loan, you should know that, as a U.S. Bank customer, you'll receive preferred rates on any new personal loan you apply for. You can also link your line of credit to your Easy Checking to avoid overdrafts. However, overdraft protection transfer fees would still apply, so we suggest avoiding this option.

Even though there aren't any special money management or budgeting tools included in this checking account offer, U.S. Bank's Online and Mobile Banking comes with TransUnion’s CreditView Dashboard, so you can monitor your credit score and track your credit history free of charge. This might be useful if you have a credit account with U.S. Bank as well.

So, the Easy Checking is all about making banking simple. If all you need is a basic checking account, look no further.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $6.95 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

U.S. Bank Easy Checking Account FAQ

1. How does overdraft protection work?

If you have a second U.S. Bank consumer account, you can link it to your U.S. Bank Easy Checking account, so, each time you don't have enough money in your Easy Checking account balance, funds will be automatically transferred from your linked U.S. bank account to your Checking in order to complete the transaction.

Eligible U.S. bank accounts you can link to your primary Easy Checking are:

  • U.S. Bank savings and money market accounts,
  • U.S. Bank credit cards,
  • U.S. Bank Reserve Line of Credit,
  • U.S. Bank Premier Line of Credit,
  • U.S. Bank Home Equity Line of Credit.

You can set up overdraft protection by logging in to your U.S. Bank Online/Mobile Banking, by phone at 800.USBANKS (800.872.2657) or by visiting a U.S. Bank branch.

2. What are U.S. Bank's overdraft protection transfer fees?

With the U.S. Bank Easy Checking, you'll pay no overdraft protection transfer fees if an overdraft protection transfer is made from your linked U.S. bank deposit account, whether it be a secondary checking account, a savings account or a money market account. However, you will pay overdraft protection transfer fees if you have a linked U.S. Bank credit account (credit cards, lines of credit). This fee is currently set to $12.50 per day.

3. Can I avoid U.S. Bank overdraft protection transfer fees?

With a linked U.S. Bank deposit account, such as a secondary checking account, a savings account or money market account, you won't pay overdraft protection fees at all. If, on the other hand, you have a U.S. bank credit account linked to your Easy Checking, and a transfer is made from the credit account to your Easy Checking, an overdraft protection transfer fee of $12.50 per day will apply when a transfer of $50 or more occurs.

You can avoid or reduce overdraft protection fees by setting up account alerts, so that you're notified each time your balance is low or payments are due. You should also monitor your balance constantly, and transfer funds to your Easy Checking before an overdraft happens.

4. What kind of account alerts can I set up in U.S. Bank Online Banking?

U.S. Bank lets you customize account alerts, so you're always on top of your money, and up to date with any activity or changes.

You can set up custom alerts in your U.S. Bank Mobile app to inform you about your:

  • U.S. Bank checking and/or savings account - when your balance is negative or drops below a certain dollar amount you chose; when a deposit or withdrawal has been made above a certain amount; when an overdraft occurs; when new documents, such as eStatements, are available.
  • U.S. Bank credit card - when your balance or transactions exceed a certain dollar amount you chose; when your available credit falls below a certain amount; when there are payments and credits posted; when payments are due or overdue; when an autopayment has been scheduled or processed; when risky transactions have been made (ATM cash withdrawals or international transactions, for example), or when a transaction has been declined.
  • U.S. Bank ATM or debit card - when you withdraw cash from an ATM; when a transaction exceeds a specified dollar amount; when international transactions or gas station purchases have been made; when CNP transactions are made or transactions declined.
  • Security alerts - when you change your address, email or phone number; when changes to your username, password, PINs and other verification credentials are made; in case of ATM/debit card changes (reports of lost/stolen cards, new card requests, card reissue notices, PIN changes, PIN sent by mail); when a dormant checking or savings account has been reactivated.
5. What are CNP transactions?

Card-not-present transactions or CNP transactions are transactions made when neither the cardholder or the card is present physically at the time of the transaction. These transactions are usually made over the phone, by fax, online or by mail.

Each time you shop online, you're making a CNP transaction. If you order something over the phone, say you shop from a catalog, and pay remotely, it's a CNP payment. Same goes with recurring payments (automatic bill payments, for example), and alike. 

With U.S. Bank, you can choose to receive notifications each time such a card-not-present transaction is made, as it's consider a higher-fraud-risk transaction. This way, in case a CNP transaction is made without your being behind it, you'll receive an alert immediately.

6. What is a dormant checking account?

A dormant checking account (and also a savings account) is a checking (or savings) account that's been inactive for a certain period of time, usually for at least 11 months (or 23 in case of a savings account).

An inactive checking account means there have been no deposits, withdrawals or other activities for the specified timeframe.

7. Does U.S. Bank charges a fee if my Easy Checking is inactive?

If your U.S. Bank Easy Checking has had no financial activity for 11 months or more, U.S. Bank will charge you a dormant account fee of $5 each month following the 11th month of inactivity.

8. How much does U.S. Bank charge for paper statements?

U.S. Bank charges $2 per each paper statement, so, if you don't meet the monthly balance waiver requirements, your monthly fee will go up by $2, and rather than paying a monthly fee of $6.95, you'll be paying $8.95. To avoid monthly statement fees, you can go paperless, and choose to receive electronic monthly statements instead. Online statements are free, and eco-friendly!

9. How can I download the U.S. Bank Mobile Banking App?

You can download the U.S. Bank Mobile Banking App by visiting the U.S. Bank website, and entering your phone number. The bank will text you a link, so you can download the app for your device.

10. What is U.S. Bank's Online Risk-Free Guarantee?

With U.S. Bank's Online Risk-Free Guarantee, you'll be protected against unauthorized transactions and use of your account in U.S. Bank Online and Mobile Banking. This means any internal or external transfer, mobile check deposit, bill payment or Zelle transaction that you haven't authorized, but that has happened using your account or debit card information. U.S. Bank will cover all losses, if you've reported them as soon as you've noticed suspicious activities (within 60 days following your reception of a monthly statement). You can report unauthorized transactions at 800.USBANKS (872.2657).

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