U.S. Bank Platinum Checking Account

Top-tier account that pays interest and offers a lot of free perks, including:

  • no U.S. Bank out-of-network ATM fees,
  • overdraft protection transfers,
  • additional U.S. Bank Easy Checking accounts, and more!


securely on the bank's website

If you're a trader or looking to invest with U.S. Bank, then you should also consider opening a U.S. Bank Platinum Checking, and enjoy the perks that come along!

While this isn't a free checking account, its fee can be waived in you keep $25,000 in combined personal deposits or credit balances with U.S. Bank or in investments through its affiliate, U.S. Bancorp Investments. Another way to have the $24.95 monthly fee waived is simply to have a personal trust relationship with U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

In addition to the usual set of benefits each U.S. Bank checking account customer receives, such as a free U.S. Bank Visa debit card, Online and Mobile Banking, free access to U.S. Bank and MoneyPass ATMs, free eStatements, and preferred rates on new loans, as a Platinum Checking customer, you will enjoy many exclusive perks totally free of charge. Paper statements are free, as well as any additional U.S. Bank Easy Checking account. The U.S. Bank Easy Checking is just a regular account, but great for daily banking, so if you wish to open one or more for, let's say, your family members, you won't pay the $6.95 monthly fee on it - and you can open as many Easy Checking accounts as you want.

Overdraft protection transfers are free, so if you ever go out of funds on your Platinum Checking balance, you'll avoid these fees if you have a U.S. bank account linked to your Platinum Checking. You'll also get personal check and safe deposit box discounts, which is great if you prefer writing checks to paying in cash or using your Visa (or like to combine your payment options). Plus, with 50% off your safe deposit box annual fee, you'll save an additional few dollars if you have some valuables you prefer to store and keep safely with your bank. Do note that the items you keep in a safe deposit box aren't usually insured against theft, so it's your responsibility do purchase additional coverage for your goods.

If interested, you can also open a Platinum Select Money Market Savings account, and enjoy competitive rates and many other benefits. You can also get a U.S. Bank Home Equity Line of Credit without paying the annual fee on it.

To sum up, the U.S. Bank Platinum Checking should be your choice if you're looking for a checking account that offers more than basic banking features and services. If you want an interest-bearing checking account with exclusive perks and additional accounts with waived monthly fees - primarily investment products - then you should definitely consider the U.S. Bank Platinum Checking.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $24.95 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

U.S. Bank Platinum Checking Account FAQ

1. What is a combined balance?

A combined balance includes the total amount of money you keep in several bank accounts with the same bank. In this case, to benefit from the monthly fee waiver, one option requires you to keep $25,000 or more in your combined balance across multiple U.S. Bank accounts you own.

2. What kind of U.S. Bank accounts qualify for the monthly fee waiver?

You can have the monthly fee on the U.S. Bank Platinum Checking if you keep a combined balance of at least $25,000 across your U.S. bank personal checking, savings, money market, and IRA accounts, as well as CDs. Credit balances include balances on U.S. Bank Personal Line of Credit, home mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, personal and purpose loans, and credit cards. Investment balances include the aggregate minimum daily balance of all investment types held through the statement period with U.S. Bancorp Investments.

3. Where can I learn about U.S. Bank Wealth Management services?

U.S. Bank Wealth Management advisors can help you with banking, financial wealth planning, investing, opening an IRA or brokerage account, legacy, etc. Depending on your goal, we're sure they'll be able to provide you with personalized advice and services to fully meet your financial needs. Anyway, you can learn more about U.S. Bank Wealth Management on the bank's website.

4. How can I book an appointment with a U.S. Bank representative to learn more about the Platinum Checking?

If you'd like to meet a U.S. Bank representative to learn more about the Platinum Checking account, you can make an appointment by completing the U.S. Bank online form, stating the reason of your visit. 

If you prefer, you can also have them contact you by phone. You can also call them directly at 855-397-7414.

5. Can I open the U.S. Bank Platinum Checking online?

Sure you can. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and answer a couple of questions required to get started. The application form is available on the U.S. Bank website, but also accessible via the "APPLY NOW" button a bit higher on this very page.

You'll be asked to provide your contact information, including your full name, phone number, address, date of birth, SSN, and alike. You'll also need to make an opening deposit ($25 in this case), which you can do by transferring funds from another bank account of yours or by using a debit or credit card.

6. What do I get to trade for free with the Platinum Checking account?

With the Platinum Checking Account, you'll get 100 free trades per year with a self-directed brokerage account through U.S. Bancorp Investments. This means you can trade up to 100 equities and exchange-traded funds (ETF) online free of charge, which would save you $495/year! (Each trade triggers a $4.95 fee.)

However, you also need to enroll in paperless documents for the self-directed brokerage account to be able to take advantage of the free trades offer.

7. What comes with the Platinum Select Money Market Savings account?

The Platinum Select Money Market Savings account is reserved specially for U.S. Bank Platinum Checking account customers looking to open an additional savings account, and watch their money grow over time.

The Platinum Select Money Market Savings account offers competitive rates that vary based on the amount of money you keep in your balance. For example, on balances up to $99,999, APY and interest rates are set at 0.01%, while on anything above, you'll earn 0.05%.

Also, with the Platinum Select Money Market Savings account, you'll enjoy all the other benefits that are usually included in U.S. Bank savings account offers, namely Online and Mobile Banking, automated savings options and overdraft protection options, eStatements, free access to U.S. Bank ATMs nationwide, as well as custom account alerts. These features will enable you to manage your money - free of charge, since you won't be paying any monthly fees on the Platinum Select Money Market account!

8. How much will I pay for U.S. Bank checks?

You'll get your first U.S. Bank logo check box for free, but if you want to personalize your checks, you'll receive a 50% discount on any personal check design of your choice! You'll also enjoy 50% off any following check order, whether it be with a U.S. Bank logo or personal design.

9. How can I order checks with U.S. Bank?

If you want to order checks, you can do it:

  • Online: When you log in to your Online Banking Platinum Checking account, you'll see "Customer Service" under the main menu, with the "Self Service" option you should select to proceed.
  • U.S. Bank Mobile App: Select "Help & services" from the main menu, then choose "Order checks" under "Account services".
  • By phone: Call 866.926.1534.
  • At a branch: Visit a U.S. Bank branch near you.
10. What is U.S. Bank's Online Risk-Free Guarantee?

With U.S. Bank's Online Risk-Free Guarantee, you'll be protected against unauthorized transactions and use of your account in U.S. Bank Online and Mobile Banking. This means you're protected against any internal or external transfer, mobile check deposit, bill payment or Zelle transaction that you haven't authorized, but that has happened using your account or debit card information. U.S. Bank will cover all losses, if you've reported them as soon as you've noticed suspicious activities (within 60 days following your reception of a monthly statement). You can report unauthorized transactions at 800.USBANKS (872.2657).

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