Citibank Access Account Package

No checks. No overdraft fees. Just great banking tools, with a bit of Citi EntertainmentSM.

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Citibank Access Account Package is a regular banking package that comes with no overdraft fees, but also without the possibility to write checks.

If you rarely, if ever, use checks, this solution might be right for you. Just like in most of its banking packages, Citibank includes its most common perks in this banking offer, as well. These include a debit card, free access to Citibank's and  MoneyPass® ATMs, digital banking tools with the Citi Mobile® app, and more.

If you can meet the requirements to have the monthly fee waived, and if you don't need a "real" checking account (with checks!), then you'll be fine with Access Account. However, you won't earn ThankYou Rewards points or interest on your checking account balance, unless you open a savings or money market account, and link it to your Access Account Package.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

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  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Citibank Access Account Package FAQ

1. How can I open a Citibank Access Account Package/

You can apply via our website, by clicking on the "APPLY NOW" button on this page or via the Citibank's website (the same link). You can apply in person, by scheduling an appointment with a Citibank representative or by phone at 1-800-374-9500 (TTY 1-800-788-0002).

2. What type of accounts can be included in the Citibank Access Account Package?

With the Citibank Access Account Package, you can include only deposit accounts, such as checkless Regular Checking, a savings account or a money market account.

3. What are qualifying direct deposits and bill payments?

Qualifying direct deposits include ACH credits, such as payroll, pension or government payments (Social Security, for example), made by your employer or other organization.

Qualifying bill payments are any bill payments you make through CitiPhone Banking®, Citibank® Online, CitiBusiness® Online, and Citi Mobile®. Qualifying Bill Payments do not include payments made by check or internal transfer payments made to accounts of Citibank or its affiliates.

So, you need to have either 1 qualifying direct deposit or 1 qualifying bill payment made to/from your account to have the $10 monthly fee waived on Access Account.

4. Is there a savings account linked to the Citibank Access Account Package?

If you want, you can open a Citi Accelerate Savings, and add it to your Citibank Access Account Package. You'll earn 1.10% on your savings account balance, as per the current APY rates.

However, the Citi Accelerate Savings in only available in the following states:  AA, AE, AK, AL, AP, AR, AS, AZ, CO, DE, GA, GU, HI, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MP, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, OH, OK, OR, PA, PR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VI, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY. and select markets in Florida and Illinois.

If you don't reside in any of these, you might want to consider a money market account as well.

There's a $4.50 monthly fee on both Citibank's Accelerate Savings and money market accounts, but it's only charged if you don't have a linked Regular Checking account, and can be waived if you keep at least $500 in your balance.

5. Can I order checks with the Citibank Access Account Package?

No, this is a checkless banking account package, meaning you cannot use checks. There are, however, other, easier payment options, including a Citi Debit or ATM card, Online Bill Payment, and online account access with plenty of tools, and money transfer options that require no checks.

6. What if a merchant processes my payment as a check?

You need to be careful when providing your routing number to merchants for a payment, because if they process them as a check, it will be rejected, and not paid. You need to make sure the merchant is using the Automated Clearing House system to process the transaction as an electronic debit. ACH forms of payment are accepted, unlike check payments, with the Access Account Package.

7. Will I still be charged a Deposited Check Returned Unpaid fee?

Yes, if someone processes your payment as a check, the payment will be rejected, and you'll be charged a $12 fee per each check returned unpaid. This is why you need to be cautious, and ensure whoever processes your payments using your routing number does so as if it were an electronic debit.

8. Can I earn ThankYou Rewards points with Citibank Access Account?

No, with the Citibank Access Account, you're not eligible to earn ThankYou Rewards points. However, you can earn them if you get an eligible Citibank credit card.

9. What are Citi® Identity Theft Solutions?

Citi® Identity Theft Solutions is a free service available to Citibank customers looking to minimize the damage due to identity theft, by having a team of experts assist them in case of ID theft, so the victims can quickly recover, and re-establish their credit.

Citi's specialists help customers contact the TransUnion credit bureau, and monitor their credit report until the issue is solved, and case closed. Citi's specialists also provide advice, and assist in completing forms that might be required for claims, and other procedures. They also help people contact their creditors, in order to inform them of the damage done, and find a solution as quickly as possible.

If you ever need to use the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions services, you can contact their Customer Service at 1-800-627-3999 (in NY metro area) or 1-800-274-6660 (all other areas).

10. What is Citi Entertainment® that comes with my Citibank Access Account Package?

Citi Entertainment® is an exclusive entertainment program available to Citibank's customers with a Citi® credit card or Citibank® Debit Card. It offers Citibank's customers access to numerous events, presale tickets, concerts, sporting events, dining experiences, and more.

While everyone can view the offers on the Citi Entertainment® website, one must use a Citi® credit card or a Citibank® debit card to purchase tickets.

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