Aspiration Spend & Save Account

With Aspiration, you can:

  • Pay What Is Fair,
  • plant trees,
  • get rewarded for being green!

securely on the bank's website

If you're an environmentally conscious citizen, with Aspiration's Save & Spend, you can really make a difference.

The Aspiration Save & Spend is unlike any other account you will find. It is rather unique, because it includes many features that benefit not only Aspiration's customers, but also the planet. For example:

  • Bank & Breathe: Your deposits are FDIC-insured, but never used to fund fossil fuel exploration or production.
  • Spend & Support: Your free Aspiration Visa Debit card earns you cash back, but at businesses doing good for our societies.
  • Learn & Earn: Your Aspiration Impact Measurement (AIM) score tells you how your spending impacts the planet, but businesses' AIM scores offer you cash back.
  • Round & Plant: Your purchases can be rounded-up to the nearest dollar, and each round-up gets a tree planted in your name.
  • Drive & Offset: Your gas station purchases might refill your tank, but Aspiration will purchase carbon credits to reduce the impact of your driving on the environment.
  • Pay & Recycle: Your Aspiration Debit Visa will let you spend and earn rewards, but also support circular economy.

While some of these are included in both Aspiration Spend & Save plans, Plant a Change is an optional feature, while the last two are only available for those who select Aspiration Plus, which comes with a low $7 monthly fee, which is reduced to $5.75 if you pay annually.

On the other hand, Aspiration Spend & Save allows you to "pay what is fair" - even if "fair" means "$0" to you! As part of this philosophy of making banking easy and accessible to everyone, Aspiration won't charge you almost any regular banking fees.

However, we'd pay these guys even more, given how eco-friendly their business is! We're talking here about a nice, not-too-pushy kind of eco-friendliness. Aspiration even has a Giving Tree! The Aspiration Giving Tree works as follows:

  • Aspiration Gives: Aspiration will donate a dime from every dollar you choose to pay them.
  • You Give: You get to choose how much to give, and where your money goes.

Either way, you'll see the positive impact of your contributions!

You can learn more about particular Aspiration Spend & Save features in the FAQ section below. But, to sum up, this account has all you need for daily banking, plus cashback and referral rewards, free access to a large ATM network, and free first check order. Yet, the benefits of opening a Spend & Save go beyond fee-free, convenient banking. By opening this account, you could help conserve the environment!

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Aspiration Spend & Save Account FAQ

1. How do I qualify for 1% APY?

You can earn 1% APY on up to and including $10,000 in your Aspiration Save Account each month if you spend $1,000+ using your Aspiration debit card in that month, and if you purchase Aspiration Plus.

If you don't meet the spending requirement, but are enrolled in Aspiration Plus, you'll earn 0.25% for that month on balances up to and including $10,000, while balances over $10,000 will earn 0.10% APY.

You won't earn any interest in you're not enrolled in Aspiration Plus.

2. Can I order checks with Aspiration?

Yes, you can order checks with Aspiration. The first set of checks your order is free!

If you'd like to order checks, and have them delivered to your home address, you can do so here. It will take up to 14 business days for them to arrive. Note that, for any subsequent check order, you'll pay a shipping fee, which will vary, depending on the delivery option you select.

However, there's a feature, "Aspiration Payment", available on Aspiration's mobile app, so you can electronically schedule the delivery of a paper check to anyone, completely free of charge.

3. What is a digital debit card?

A digital debit card is a safe and easy way to make purchases before you finally receive your physical debit card from Aspiration. A digital debit card is available to all Spend & Save customers who add the card using the Aspiration Mobile app. You can use your Aspiration digital debit card the same you'd use your physical debit card. You can add it to Apple, Google, or Samsung pay to make in-store and online purchases. You can also copy your card information from the app to make online purchases.

While purchases on both digital and physical debit cards of yours are linked to your Spend Account balance, the two cards will have different card numbers.

4. How can I pay bills, and send money to a friend or business with Aspiration?

There's a feature called "Payments", available only on the Aspiration app, which allows you to pay bills, and send money to anyone you'd like, whether it be a friend or relative of yours or a business. There aren't any limits to the number of payments you can make this way.

You can schedule a new payment on the app, and a designated check will be mailed and delivered within 5 to 7 business days following the scheduled send date. Money will be debited from your Aspiration Spend account once the payee has received and deposited check, so be careful not to spend those funds, as there isn't overdraft protection available for checks written, so you have to make sure you have enough money in your balance.

If you want to stop a payment after a check has already been mailed, you need to contact Aspiration at 800-683-8529. A stop payment can be issued up to 14 days after the check's been mailed, as long as it hasn't been deposited. Just like the Payments service, stop payments are also free!

Finally, if a check cannot be delivered to the addressee, it will be returned to your permanent address on file, not your mailing address.

5. Where can I find fee-free ATMs?

To find Allpoint ATMs for unlimited ATM withdrawals, you can use Aspiration's ATM locator.

In case you're ever charged a surcharge fee, contact Aspiration to let them know.

6. How can I earn cashback with Aspiration?

You'll earn cash back every time you use your Aspiration debit car at merchants with a high Aspiration Impact Measurement score. AIM is Aspiration's mobile app feature that shows you your own sustainable impact score, as well as of places you shop everyday. When you make purchases at merchants with the highest AIM scores, you'll earn 0.5% cash back on all purchased made with them.

These businesses include:

  • Adobe Systems, Aetna, Allstate, Apple, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Boots, Cricket Wireless, CVS, DirecTV, eBay, Esurance, Google,, MetLife, Microsoft, Page Plus Cellular, Skype, Sprint, Target, Verizon, Walmart, and Xbox.

Even better, you can earn more cash back with your Aspiration debit card when you shop at merchants that are also members of the Conscience Coalition. If you got Aspiration Plus, you'll always earn 10% cash back on those purchases, but if you have the standard plan, you'll earn:.

  • 5% cash back: at Burst, Goodwings, Reformation, Warby Parker, United By Blue, Parachute Home, Causebox, and LOLA.
  • 4% cash back: at TOMS, Known Supply, and Soapbox.
  • 3% cash back: at Arcadia Power, Feed Projects, This Bar Saves Lives, Blue Apron, and Girlfriend Collective.

However, there's a number of transactions that aren't eligible for cashback, including:

  • ACH transfers/transactions,
  • mobile check deposits,
  • check payments using Payments,
  • ATM withdrawals.

You'll receive your cash back on the 1st business day of each month.

7. Does Aspiration offer joint accounts?

Yes, you can open a Spend & Save Joint Account with Aspiration!

Once you've been approved for a Spend & Save individual account, you can invite someone, and have your individual account converted into a joint one.

If you already have a Spend & Save account, you can invite a person who doesn't currently have an individual Spend & Save account to join you.

8. What is Plant Your Change?

Aspiration's Plant Your Change is an optional service you can add to your Aspiration Debit Card, and have the amount of your debit card transactions rounded up to the nearest dollar, and transferred to an Aspiration Plant Your Change Service Account. The total of debit card transaction round-ups will be debited from your account the following day, and you'll receive a notification telling you how many trees will be planted thanks to you. One tree for each round-up!

There's a tiny variable service fee, ranging from $0.01 to $0.99 per completed debit card transaction. The Plant Your Change Fee includes the cost of the tree, Aspiration's costs of administration. Part of the fee may be also kept by Aspiration.

However, you'll be rewarded for reaching tree-planting milestones with cashback rewards! Here's how it goes:

  • 30 trees planted = $5 reward,
  • 100 trees planted = $10 reward,
  • 500 trees planted = $25 reward,
  • 1,000 trees planted = $50 reward,
  • 2,500 trees planted = $100 reward,
  • 5,000 trees planted = $500 reward.

Isn't this amazing?

9. What is Planet Protection?

In order to reduce the impact of carbon emissions with carbon reduction and absorption strategies, with Planet Protection, Aspiration automatically purchases carbon offsets on your behalf to neutralize the carbon impact of your driving.

To determine the amount of CO2 to offset, Aspiration will track your gas station purchases, and then use the national average price for gas to see how many gallons you purchases. Using Environmental Protection Agency data, Aspiration calculates the amount of CO2 emitted from each gallon of gas, and then purchase carbon offsets to counteract your emissions.

These carbon offsets are basically carbon credits, financial units of measurements representing the removal of one tonne of carbon from the atmosphere, as compensation for emissions occurring elsewhere.

At the moment, Aspiration supports and funds Cool Effect and 3Degrees, two well-known organizations fighting climate change.

10. What is Aspiration's Referral Program?

Each time you invited someone who opens an account with Aspiration, Aspiration will reward you with each $50, and plant 25 trees in your name (50 trees in total)!

However, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Your accounts must be opened, and kept in good standing for at least 10 business days.
  2. Your referred friend must make at least $250 cumulative transactions within 60 days of account funding, using their Aspiration Debit card.
  3. There's a $1,500 per month, per person limit for referral cash rewards.

The conditions aren't as strict, so it'll be quite easy to meet them, and contribute to making our planet greener and healthier!

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