Chase Total Checking® Account

A basic checking account featuring all the essentials you need for daily banking.

securely on the bank's website

With Chase's renowned customer service, strong ATM network, and advanced tech tools, Chase Total Checking® Account is one of the bank's most popular checking account offers.

The most attractive thing about this checking account is its current promotional deal: if you apply, and open a Chase Total Checking® Account by October 14, you'll receive a $200 bonus!

You can have the monthly fee waived with a minimal direct deposit, which saves you $144 per year. Not bad, given that this account doesn't earn interest, but offers so much.

Chase's mobile app, and digital banking tools give you everything you need to manage your money on a daily basis. You can manage and monitor your account while on the go, set up alerts, make mobile and ATM deposits, and use other money transfer tools, whether it be to pay bills or transfer funds to another person.

For a regular checking account, this one is quite good. While it could, for example, offer free checks or a dedicated customer support line, this aren't features that every other bank includes in its traditional checking offers. But, unlike them, Chase gives you the possibility to earn a bonus, and, while it's mostly for its marketing and customer acquisition purposes, we don't see how it could hurt you if you decide to open this checking account!

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $12 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
    $2.50 ($5 outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Chase Total Checking® Account FAQ

1. What documents do I need to provide to open a Chase Total Checking® account?

You will need your social security number (SSN), and a valid driver's license or state ID.

2. How can I receive a $200 signup bonus?

All you need to do is apply and open a Chase Total Checking® with a coupon before October 14, 2020. If you want to open the account immediately, the coupon code will be automatically applied, but you can also have the coupon code sent to your email address.

There are two conditions you need to keep in mind: an initial direct deposit of at least $500 is required within 60 days following account opening. You also need to keep the account open for at least 6 months. Otherwise, the bonus will be deducted from your balance at closing.

If you get approved, you will receive the $200 bonus within 10 business days.

3. What are direct deposits?

If you make a direct deposit of $500 or more when you open a Chase Total Checking®, you can have your monthly fee waived.

Direct deposits include ACH credit (electronic fund deposits) - payroll, pension or government benefits, such as Social Security.

4. What are qualifying personal deposits/investments?

If you have another Chase account, such as a savings one, you can combine deposits made in each of your Chase account to qualify for a monthly fee waiver. You need to keep a minimum combined balance of $5,000 across your Chase accounts, which might include personal Chase savings accounts (but not Chase Premier SavingsSM and Chase Private Client SavingsSM), Chase Liquid® Cards, CDs, certain Chase Retirement CDs, and certain Chase Retirement Money Market Accounts.

Qualifying investments include balances in investment and annuity products offered by JPMorgan Chase & Co. or its affiliates and agencies.

5. Can I add a joint owner online?

No, you can only apply online in your name. Once you've opened the account, both you and your joint owner need to visit a local Chase branch, and provide valid IDs (SSN, a driver's license, state ID).

6. How can I access my Chase account online?

You need to enroll in Chase OnlineSM Banking by providing your Social Security number or Tax ID number, you account or application number, and a chosen username. You will also need to enable access to your email or phone number you already shared with the bank.

Once enrolled, you'll be able to sign in at, and manage your finances online. Chase Online Banking is a hassle-free way to track your activity, pay bills, view statements, and make transfers. Besides, you can bank knowing you're protected against identity and account information theft, because Chase uses encryption technology to ensure secure banking.

7. How can I avoid overdraft fees?

Chase won't charge you NSF fees if your account is overdrawn by $5 or less at the end of a business day.

On the other hand, for greater amounts, you will be charged $35 per each item. However, you can avoid this fee by making a deposit or transfer from another account before the business day ends. If you want to make a deposit or transfer from another Chase account, you need to respect the bank's cutoff times.

Transfer/deposit options from another Chase account:

  • At a branch before it closes.
  • At an ATM before 11 p.m. Eastern Time (8 p.m. Pacific Time)
  • When transferring money on or Chase Mobile® or using Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® before 11 p.m. Eastern Time (8 p.m. Pacific Time).

Other transfers, including from non-Chase accounts, may have additional cutoff times.

8. How can I order Chase checks?

You can order checks when you sign in to your account at There, you'll see the "Things you can do" menu, from which you need to choose "Order checks & deposits slips". The price of ordered checks varies based on items ordered.

9. What is Chase QuickDeposit?

Chase QuickDepositSM is a convenient, easy way to deposit checks without having to visit a local branch. Using your Chase mobile app, you can simply enter the amount to deposit, take pictures of your check, either manually or via the "Auto Capture" feature, and, finally, submit the deposit.

Yours funds will be available the next business day if you submit a deposit before 11PM.

It's recommended that you keep your check for a few days after you've deposited, to make sure your QuickDeposit has been accepted. You can destroy the check later.

10. How does Chase "Refer a Friend" work?

With Chase Refer a Friend, you can earn $50 each time a friend of yours opens a qualifying Chase account (New Chase Total Checking®  and/or New Chase SavingsSM or a New Chase College CheckingSM).

In case your friends are interested in another Chase checking account, they should talk directly with a banker to see whether it'd be possible to use the coupon.

You can invite 10 people per year, meaning you can earn up to $500 per year in bonuses only by having your friends or family members open a Chase checking account!

While you won't get informed when your friends opens an account due to confidentiality, you will see your bonus appear in your Chase checking account as "$50 Refer a Friend bonus". The funds should be deposited into your checking account within 20 business days, provided both your and your friend's checking accounts are active and in good standing.

Note: People you invite must use the link you shared, otherwise, you won't receive the bonus.

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