First National Bank of Omaha Access Debit Account

A good money management checking solution with no checks, overdraft or NSF fees.

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If you're struggling staying in control of your money, and would like to open a checking account that would help you stay on top of your budget, while still enjoying many banking features free of charge, then you should consider the First National Bank of Omaha Access Debit Checking Account.

This checking account is a convenient solution with no overdraft or NSF fees. These are absent primarily because you won't be allowed to go overdraft, i.e. any transaction that would make your balance go negative would be returned or declined. However, merchants might still charge you a fee when an item is return, which is not something FBNO can control.

Check writing is not allowed with the FBNO Access Debit account, since the purpose of this checking account is to minimize any chance of your spending more than what you've got. This, however, isn't quite of a catastrophe, since you have many other payment options available. You can use your free Visa debit card for both in-store and online purchases, knowing you're fully protected against unauthorized transactions thanks to Visa's Zero Liability Protection. You can link your Visa debit card to a digital wallet for fast and safe payments using your mobile device. With Visa SRC, you'll be able to check out when shopping online with the click of a button! Besides, you'll have free access to over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide, so you can access your funds from almost anywhere! FNBO won't charge you extra for using out-of-network ATMs, either (although ATM owners might).

You'll be able to cash in checks you receive, though. Thanks to FNBO Mobile Banking, you can make mobile check deposits in a few simple steps. FNBO Online and Mobile Banking also comes with all the features you need for daily banking, including account alerts, which are very useful when it comes to money management and identity protection.

The FNBO Access Debit Account lets you organize your finances however you want. You can access your account from the comfort of your home by logging in through a web browser or the FNBO Mobile Banking app, where you'll be able to schedule transactions, pay bills, check your transaction history, and more. The best of all is that you can pool all your FNBO bank accounts together, so you can keep them all in once place for better overview and control!

So, if you have a history of bad banking habits, and can't really manage to open a regular checking account with checks and overdraft protection, the FNBO Access Debit Account might be your way to go! For a low monthly fee when compared with the rest of similar second-chance checking account offers, you'll get many benefits, while also learning how to spend smarter! However, we must another option - the Varo Bank Checking Account, which is a great, interest-bearing checking account, available even to those with a bad banking history!

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First National Bank of Omaha Access Debit Account FAQ

1. What is the First National Bank of Omaha Access Debit Account?

The First National Bank of Omaha Access Debit Account is a checkless bank account solution with no overdraft or NSF fees. Primarily designed for those who need more help when it comes to money management, the FNBO Access Debit Account doesn't allow transactions in case of insufficient funds. It also doesn't include checks. All of this is done so as to help people build better banking habits, and learn to spend only what they have.

That said, the FNBO Access Debit still comes with everything you might need for daily banking - a free Visa debit card, Online and Mobile Banking, with account alerts, automatic payments, Bill Pay, mobile app with mobile check deposits, and more.

2. Can I open an FNBO Access Debit Account online?

To apply for an FNBO Access Debit Account, you'll have to visit your local First National Bank of Omaha branch. You should get in touch with one of their bankers to learn more about this account. Give them a call at 800-642-0014.

3. Are Overdraft Options still available with the FNBO Access Debit Account?

No, First National Bank of Omaha doesn't offer any overdraft protection plans with its Access Debit Account, because the Access Debit Account doesn't allow overdrafts. In case you don't have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, the transaction will simply be declined.

4. Will I still be charged overdraft fees if my transaction is declined?

With the FNBO Access Debit Account, you won't ever be charged any overdraft or NSF fees, even if you try to make a purchase, and it turns out you don't have enough money in your balance to cover the transaction.

5. How can account alerts help me better manage my FNBO Access Debit Account?

By setting up customer account alerts, you'll always be up to date with your current balance, transaction history, scheduled payments, and other transactions. This can help you stay on top of your money as you'll always know how much money you've got available to spend, and how much you'll need to cover upcoming payments. Plus, in case your balance is getting low, you'll know when to transfer funds to your FNBO Access Debit, so you prevent having your transactions declined.

Knowing when your monthly statements are available, you'll be able to go through your monthly financial activities, so you can further analyze them, and see whether there's a category you're spending too much in or whether there have been any unusual or unauthorized transactions. Such information will enable you to organize your budget better, but also prevent fraud and identity theft. By being alerted each time an activity occurs or a change is made to your account, you'll be able to detect unauthorized transactions, activities or modifications, which you can then report to the bank immediately.

6. Are there any other FNBO resources I can use to build better money habits?

While First National Bank of Omaha doesn't offer any particular spending or budgeting tool you can use to better organize and manage your finances, you can always check out their Insights. Cashology can help you learn as much about personal finances as you should know for better money management. If, on the other hand, you need some basic help and information related to your account, you can also go through FNBO Personal Help Center or contact an FNBO banker for personal guidance and advice.

7. What Visa debit card will I get with a FNBO Access Debit Account?

The Visa debit cards in First National Bank of Omaha's lineup include:

  • Visa® Debit Card, with up to $3,000 in purchases, and $1,000 in withdrawals per day,
  • Platinum Visa Debit Card, with up to $10,000 in purchases, and $1,000 in withdrawals per day.
  • The Rose Gold Debit Card [specialty card],
  • Visa Debit Fan Card, with up to $10,000 in purchases, $1,000 in withdrawals per day, unique fan experiences, ticket opportunities, and free checks with a university logo [fan card],
  • Pink Visa Debit Card, with up to $10,000 in purchases, and $1,000 in withdrawals per day [specialty card, supports breast cancer prevention initiatives].

You can order whichever you prefer - all of them come with Visa's Zero Liability, no monthly service fees, no transaction fees, and no annual fees!

8. What is the difference between FNBO Online and Mobile Banking?

FNBO offers Online and Mobile Banking solutions to its customers, just like any other bank does. Both Online and Mobile Banking include features necessary for daily banking, such as bill pay, automatic payments, money transfers, custom alerts, and account management. The difference between Online and Mobile Banking is that the latter is more optimized for mobile devices, as you can usually download a mobile banking app for more convenient access to your bank account. Also, you can make check deposits by simply taking a photo of a check using your mobile device.

Note that you need to enroll in FNBO Online Banking to be able to access your FNBO Access Debit Account whenever you want. You can also download the First National Bank of Omaha Mobile Banking app for your mobile device on the App Store or Google Play.

9. What can I use the FNBO Mobile Banking app for?

The FNBO Mobile Banking app allows you to access and manage your Access Debit Account wherever you are, 24/7. Using the app, you can organize your finances and manage your budget in a simple and secure way.

Among many other things, the FNBO Mobile Banking app lets you to:

  • view your account balances, scheduled and recent payments, and transaction history,
  • pay bills and credit cards,
  • transfer money between your FNBO accounts,
  • send money to other FNBO customers,
  • set up account alerts,
  • make mobile check deposits,
  • locate an FNBO branch or ATM nearby,
  • contact FNBO customer support.

No matter how many or which FNBO bank accounts you've got, you'll be able to keep them all in one place using the FNBO Mobile Banking app, which will certainly make daily banking a lot easier for you!

10. Is it safe to use the FNBO Mobile Banking app?

As with any other financial institution, the top FNBO's priority is to ensure security of its customers. To that end, the bank has taken the necessary measures to protect your personal and account information. Your account information is never stored on your phone. Besides, it is locked thanks to your unique user ID, password, four-digit passcode, and secure sign-in options, such as Touch ID and Face ID. In case of inactivity after login, you'll be automatically logged out to prevent others from accessing your account. Do note it's important that you only access your FNBO bank account using a safe network. However, any data transmitted are encrypted, in both Online and Mobile Banking.

First National Bank of Omaha also uses firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to their systems, as well as advanced virus protection technology to detect and prevent viruses from attacking their network. With regular updates and patching, the bank minimizes its systems' vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

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