Regions Bank LifeGreen eAccess Checking Account®

Great if you prefer using online banking for money and account management, and a debit card instead of checks for payments!


securely on the bank's website

The LifeGreen eAccess checking account is a regular checking account offer packed with benefits that make banking simple and convenient. 

To avoid the $8 monthly fee, you need to make 10 or more Regions CheckCard and/or Regions credit card purchases. It's an easily achievable thing, given that you can earn cashback rewards using your Regions Visa CheckCard, so we're sure you'll be extra motivated to shop!

Your Regions Visa works as a both credit and debit card, can be personalized for a $10 free, and is equipped with chip technology, Regions Mobile Alerts and My GreenInsights, as well as a Tap to Pay feature.

With options to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, LG Pay, Samsung Pay, Click to Pay with Visa to make secure payments from your mobile device or send money to friends and faimily with Zelle®, this checking account is great for digital banking enthusiasts who don't really use ATMs that frequently. Since there aren't many fee-free ATMs, you won't be able to avoid ATM fees just anywhere in the United States, only in the 15 states where Region Bank has its ATMs.

However, as a Regions Bank customer, you'll also get special discounts, and relationship rates on Regions' other products, including safe deposit boxes, CDs, and loans.

In addition to great customer service, and many online tools and resources to help you bank better and smarter, you'll also enjoy even more exclusive benefits if you're a military service member!

Overall, this checking is a decent offer, especially if you live somewhere in the South, Midwest or Texas region.

Checking account details

Checking account fees

  • Monthly Fee
    $8 (can be waived)
  • APY
  • Minimum Deposit to Open
  • Out-of-Network ATM Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee
  • Overdraft Fee
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fee

Regions Bank LifeGreen eAccess Checking Account® FAQ

1. How do I open a LifeGreen eAccess Account with Regions?

You can apply online by clicking on the link under the "APPLY NOW" button on this page, or you can make an in-branch or phone appointment, and do it with the help of a Regions Bank representative.

2. How does my Personal CheckCard Visa work?

Your Personal CheckCard Visa works just like any other debit card. It is tied to your Regions LifeGreen eAccess Checking, and secured by the funds available in your account balance. Your Personal CheckCard Visa can be used for both debit and credit payments, anywhere Visa is accepted.

To start using your Regions Visa, you need to activate it first, by:

  • calling 1-800-295-8472 and following the prompts,


  • logging in to Online Banking,


  • visiting an ATM.


Remember that, every time you use your Personal CheckCard Visa for eligible purchases, you'll earn cash back rewards!

3. Do I need to enroll in the Regions Cashback Rewards program to start earning cash back?

No, no prior enrollment required for Visa CheckCard owners. This means you'll be able to start earning cash back as soon as you open a Regions LifeGreen eAccess Checking Account, and receive your Visa CheckCard!

You will receive offers in your Regions Online and Mobile Banking from participating merchants. You can choose and activate offers you like, and then simply use your Visa CheckCard to make purchases according to the terms of the offer you selected.

Your rewards will appear in your checking account within up to 90 days of redemption.

4. What is Regions LockIt?

Regions LockIt® helps you control your Regions personal credit cards, CheckCards, and prepaid Now Card by enabling you to decide how, where, and when you use your Regions cards. It protects you against unauthorized charges with the option to lock any transactions you want to block (or unblock) using your Regions mobile app. This feature is great if, for example, you lose your card, since you can block it and prevent its usage with a touch of a button. Also, you can also lock the controls for transactions you want to keep an eye on, so you know when and how your card is being used.

There are 4 card control types available:

1. All Transactions

If you lock this control, your card can't be used for:

  • All purchases (online, in-store, and other),
  • Call Center transfers,
  • ATM cash withdrawals,
  • ATM transfers to deposit accounts,
  • Non-recurring transactions,
  • Credit card cash advances from an ATM, Regions branch or another Visa bank.

2. In-store Purchases

3. Online Purchases
When you lock the Online Purchases control, your card can't be used for purchases online, by mail order or by phone.

4. ATM Transactions
When you lock the ATM Transactions control, your card can't be used for cash withdrawals, transfers to deposit accounts or credit card cash advances at ATMs.

You'll be able to monitor blocked transactions on the app or through Online Banking, and also set up LockIt Alerts for an even greater peace of mind.

5. How does Click to Pay with Visa work?

Click to Pay with Visa is a fast, easy, and secure way to make online purchases at various participating merchants, without your having to enter your account and card numbers, passwords or delivery information. Click to Pay with Visa online checkout is available in more than half a million online stores in the United States, and in many other countries around the world.

To get started, all you need to do is add your Regions card (debit, credit or Now card), and shop. Once ready to pay, you'll find a Visa Click to Pay icon at checkout, and be asked to select the Regions card you'd like to use. To complete your purchase, you'll only need to enter your user ID, and that's it.

You can sign up directly on the Visa website, where you'll be able to learn more about Visa Click to Pay.

6. Can I use my CheckCard internationally?

Sure you can, but before you leave, remember to contact Regions Bank at 1-800-295-8472 to activate your CheckCard for international use. This way, they'll know you're away, and won't be surprised if they see card transactions coming from outside the U.S.

However, using your CheckCard abroad is not free - you'll be charged foreign transaction fees of 3% per transaction.

If there's a problem with your Visa while you're traveling internationally, you can call Regions collect at 1-205-940-4151.

7. How can I personalize my Personal CheckCard Visa?

Regions Bank gives you the possibility to design your Personal CheckCard Visa using Regions YourPix Studio®. You can choose which image you'd like on your Visa, by simply entering the first 6 digits of your card number, and uploading an image of your choice in Regions YourPix Studio. You'll also need to provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, your card expiration date, and zip code. 

Note there's a $10 fee whenever you change the image of your card, since each time you do that, you'll get a new Visa, but your card number will stay the same.

8. Is there a way I can avoid out-of-network ATM fees?

While Regions won't reimburse you for other banks' ATM fees when you use out-of-network ATMs to withdraw money, you can avoid surcharge fees either by using Regions Bank's ATM exclusively or by asking for cash back at the cash register.

You can locate Region Bank's ATM using their locator.

9. How do I order checks with Regions Bank?

You can order checks through Regions Online Banking. When you log in to your Regions Bank checking account, choose "Services" under the "Customer Service" menu.

You can also order checks by visiting your local Regions Bank branch.


10. What is Regions Bank's routing number?

Depending on the state, Regions Bank's routing numbers vary. They go as follows:

  • Alabama: 062000019
  • Arkansas: 082000109
  • Florida: 063104668
  • Georgia: 061101375
  • Illinois: 071122661
  • Indiana: 074014213
  • Iowa: 073900438
  • Kentucky: 083901744
  • Louisiana: 065403626
  • Mississippi: 065305436
  • Missouri: 081001387
  • North Carolina: 053012029
  • South Carolina: 053201814
  • Tennessee: 064000017
  • Texas: 111900785
  • Virginia: 051009296.
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